Wim Hoopman


CEO HIP Design
Email: wim@cibusrealestate.com

Wim’s interior design studio has been a HIP studio to many clients with high expectations for decades. Trustworthy and stable during the entire process, creating tailor made designs that stands out from the crowd.

His studio guides you through the creative process of architectural design and never loses the eye for a close personal approach. Wim is renowned for his innovative design and solutions. Always aiming to be provoking, to create confusion, to be surprising and daring.

And taking take full care of the entire organization and execution of each interior project. ‘We have made our mark in fulfilling projects that contribute as much to the field of interior architecture as to the individual interior construction and interior design: a strong combination that leads to a solution for all your creative projects’. Wim’s HIP Studio has been a family affair for decades.