Willy Miggelbrink 


CEO Compact Real Estate Services
Email: willy@cibusrealestate.com

Willy Miggelbrink has been a board member of several (stock-listed, international) real estate companies for 16 years and has over 30 years of experience in real estate management and DD procurement procedures. He’s now CEO founder of Compact Real Estate Services since 2011.
His vision is to offer the most trustworthy real estate management services for high net worth individuals (with their own property portfolio), retirement funds, institutional investors and private property funds. We focus on keeping our tenants happy and consequently keeping the rental income steady. We manage costs by keeping close contact with our clients. Planning processes, budgets, and costs are optimally managed. Management rapports, real-time and quarterly, provide maximum insight to allow adequate guidance.

The return on a real estate property is largely dependent on the management and the maintenance of the property. Property maintenance is more than just occasionally bringing someone in to do some repairs. Scheduled maintenance saves costs and prevents future problems. Your tenants will benefit from doing so. Willy’s practice offers all the services you need for the optimal management of your property, such as commercial, technical and administrative management.

The tasks he takes care of include collecting rent and service costs, lease contracts and indexations, credit management and the monthly rent settlement. Using multiannual maintenance plans and predetermined budgets your real estate property is optimally mapped out and maintained. This way he ensures tenants are satisfied, resulting in a steady rental income over a longer period of time. This will increase your property’s return.


The activities of the team are divided into three main groups:

Technical Management

The optimal maintenance of buildings is one of our key services. Using multiannual maintenance plans and predetermined budgets your real estate property is optimally mapped out and maintained. Our service desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If problems may occur, your tenants will be helped out as soon as possible. Constructional consult and supervision during the building of a property can make a huge difference in the return of the investment. Faulty constructions or wrong use of material can cost a lot of extra money. Our highly trained constructional specialists have years of experience consulting in and supervising over a plethora of projects.
Commercial Management

Our specialists can be of excellent service when space opens up in your property. Knowledge of the market and our extensive network will be utilized in finding new tenants for your property. The same means will be used in case you want to sell the property. When purchasing a property, we will perform financial or legal due diligence investigations. In case you want to develop real estate property, we will professionally take care of the commercial project management involved.

Administrative Management

We gladly take care of the administrative management. Our financial department offers all the administrative services needed for the optimal management of real estate properties. The tasks we take care of are among others the collecting of rent and service costs, annual indexation, the processing of purchase invoices, the drafting of lease contracts, credit management and the monthly rent settlements.

All real estate activities and projects can be categorized into one of these groups.
Legal and financial due diligence falls under ‘Commercial Management’, collecting rent under ‘Administrative Management’ and the maintenance planning of a property under ‘Technical Management’. Consultancy is evident and is an integral part of all three activities. Keeping a record of all income and expenditure is an important part of our service. Willy’s administrative department ensures budgets are documented. He is also able to manage the entire company administration.


  • Social real estate
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Municipality
  • Commercial real estate
    • Office space
    • Industrial space
    • Retail space
  • Residential real estate
    • Housing
    • Garages
    • Recreational parks

CRES is an authority in the field of real estate management. It has a clear vision regarding the management of real estate where the happiness of tenant of the property is paramount. This, in turn, guarantees stable rental revenue and less expiring contracts.

Code of Conduct Vastgoed Management Nederland

CRES is a member of Vastgoed Management Nederland (VGM) and acts conform their strict Code of Conduct. This means Willy Miggelbrink has been screened before being allowed membership of VGM. All Compact Real Estate employees act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

CRES is also ISO9001/2008 certified since January 2016. This means processes are recorded even more detailed and all work is being done following the ISO standard.

Working with Willy Miggelbrink means a guarantee your real estate is maintained optimally at a competitive price. Real-time insight in expenditure and quarterly reports make sure any needed course directions will be made in time. The ultimate goal is keeping your customers (tenants) happy and consequently ensuring a steady rental income.