Property Development

Property Development

Our property development and investment partners are focused on the residential and commercial sectors of the greater Amsterdam area market.

Our broad expertise and strong funding relationships have allowed us to build a varied portfolio of development projects and investment assets, spanning the residential and commercial sectors in some of Holland’s most attractive locations. Our development pipeline of current and upcoming projects includes some of the most ambitious and innovative developments in the Netherlands.

Residential Developments

We actively pursue development opportunities in the greater Amsterdam area markets exhibiting sustainable long-term capital value appreciation and in locations undergoing significant regeneration with excellent transport links.

We develop stunning properties and exceptional schemes that blend traditional property prestige with a contemporary luxury feel and comfort.

We strive to deliver modern, environmentally friendly concepts and actualise state of the art, expert finishings by applying a pragmatic hands-on approach and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding high-end properties across a broad range of asset classes and differentiate our projects through the use of cutting-edge design and the cost-effective execution of unique concepts.

Commercial Developments

Largely serving the needs of commercial clients and business investors seeking rewarding property opportunities, we focus on the development of:

  • Commercial and retail premises in strategic locations
  • Joint venture projects with other major developers and investors
  • Third party work on behalf of established business partners

These projects are frequently based on the acquisition of existing properties which require change-of-use permissions, though we also acquire vacant sites with or without planning permission. Working in partnership with our Partners in Cibus Real Estate, we can call upon an impressive portfolio of skills required to maximise the potential of our commercial projects. These include in-house planners, architects, interior designers, structural engineers, technicians – and all those other many professionals whose skills are required to maximise the potential and return on investment of the commercial properties in which we invest and develop.

Our Vision and Ethos

Over many decades we have assembled a portfolio of landmark development projects and high quality investment assets in the greater Amsterdam area projected to enjoy substantial growth in the coming years. Our vision is to continue this growth trajectory, whilst remaining highly focused on rigorous analysis and the economic fundamentals of every project.

Our growth will be led by where we see the greatest opportunities and we will use the breadth of our expertise and the strength of our financial support to retain flexibility as we see market conditions evolve.

  • Focussed on the residential and commercial sectors of the Dutch market
  • We have expertise across all phases of the development cycle including acquisitions, planning, architecture, construction and sales
  • Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the analysis, design and and execution of every project
  • We partner with consultants, funders and developers who share our ambition and commitment to deliver market-leading buildings