Paul Vos


CEO NewKantoor

NewKantoor designs and builds office buildings of the highest quality for its clients.

Our architects have depth, are investigative, analytical but also team players, thinkers and experts in the fields of time, money and functionality. NewKantoor strives for creative designs with a recognizable quality, but is also goal driven and operates within the set limits.

Technology is an increasingly important link in the process. This is one of our fields of expertise. Our experience enables us to tackle E&W systems, ICT problems and security. Every property can be protected until Borg Class 4. This is the highest standard attainable for an office building. Not only the electronic but also the architectural security, such as doors, gates, locks and glass, then complies with the highest standards. In short, we are aware of the latest developments in technology.

Our highly experienced purchasing managers have an accurate knowledge of the market and its products, with an eye for detail and quality. We have a good selection of suppliers and let you buy directly from virtually all manufacturers involved in the reduction process. We are thus fully independent and offer by far the best prices in the market. In this way we achieve a better results.

We work for many different clients with different budgets and with their own planning. From NGO Artsen zonder Grenzen to listed companies as Royal Dutch Shell. Throughout the process we keep control over your project. Enthusiastic and passionate, we will organize a variety of issues. Accurate, clear and relevant. So, your project is will be custom-made.

NewKantoor will deliver your unique design, within your budget, within your time frame.