Michael Bronkhorst


CEO GF Deko Bouw
Email: michael@cibusrealestate.com

If you’re looking for a qualified partner meeting the highest levels of construction and it’s finishing, please meet Michael Bronkhorst. Michael, born and raised in Amsterdam, joined family company GF-Deko in 2001 to practice his architectural education. He’ s definitively our most preferred and inspired construction director. In his vision his personal approach, quality, communication and aftercare guarantee a successful construction phase.

His fundament is based on the principles of a remarkable accessibility to his clients and all partners involved, short lines, direct contact, cooperation, reliability and workmanship. This applies to all his projects, to larger or smaller private clients.

Michael’s team takes the time to understand your needs and vision, and always finds the best and most efficient ways to complete your dream. Whether is it a new construction, restoration, renovation,  foundation repair, complete maintenance of property or just repairing your door lock, it will all be handled with the same utmost care and commitment.

‘ Apart from teaming up with my clients, I’m also exited to say we built with a keen eye on sustainability, with respect for people and environment. We use as much environment friendly materials as possible and pay attention to the health of residents and users. For this reason we work with FSC certified wood, for example.’

Building your home with Michael Bronkhorst offers all the necessary facilities, experience and skills required by his high demanding clients. And of course all is his companies work is being carried out under leading licences and certificates with regard to safety and competence; Safety Regulations (VCA), ERB (recognized contractor monuments); FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).