Leon Houtman


Managing Partner
Email: leon@cibusrealestate.com

Meet Leon Houtman, CEO founder of Bouwsaam; At the end of his study Master of Business Administration, Léon started working in the real estate business and spent 6 years working for a big,renowned housing corporation in Amsterdam. It’s where he picked up his skills and experience, being an investor and developer in the same time. In these years, learning about all facets of the real estate business, Léon discovered an interesting niche market, the so called building yourself market. A perfect choice for people with the desire to create their own homes. So in 2007 Léon set up his Bouwsaam practice and made it his mission making personal dreams come true. The building yourself market is not a niche market anymore. It has become 30% of todays housing market in the Netherlands and keeps on growing.

You know what you want, but can you get it?
We all have different ideas about our own individual lifestyles, which we often express in the kind of accommodations in which we work and live. Unfortunately the majority of houses for sale seldom meet all your individual requirements. On the other hand, going through the drag of building your own home seems like an insurmountable obstacle to many of us.

Building yourself now accessible, affordable and with a minimum of fuzz
At Bouwsaam it is their daily mission to make ‘building it yourself’ accessible and with a minimum of fuzz to everyone. Since 2007, they guide individual self-builders in realizing their own homes. Its team supports self-builders throughout the entire range – from drawing tables to completion management – with in-depth knowledge, experience and network. Because building your own home is not something you do on a daily basis. For Bouwsaam, it is their daily work. Together with their clients they draw up a client’s lifestyle and dash out the route to the realization of their new home. While keeping track of the course, its team supports anywhere where needed. Thus avoiding their clients getting lost in the woods, by making sure they will have a reliable and experienced management partner guiding them through the process.

A partner for construction companies, architects and more
While the building yourself market is becoming bigger and bigger, more and more companies choose to make part of it. Because the way of creating and building houses is totally different, those companies need help and support. Bouwsaam can be that partner. They can help during the whole proces, being the professional in the building yourself market.