Jaap van Dijk


CEO van Dijk & ten Cate
Email: Jaap@cibusrealestate.com

Jaap is Managing Partner with van Dijk & ten Cate where he co-directs activities of this practice which provides pension fund advisory, asset management, leasing, due diligence, portfolio analysis, development management, property acquisition and disposition, corporate real estate and tenant representation services for a variety of clients.

Van Dijk & Ten Cate Real Estate advisors is a highly effective estate agency that specialises in commercial property and possesses excellent market knowledge and business skills. In addition to an outstanding track record in the commercial office market in the Greater Amsterdam region, Van Dijk & Ten Cate has proven itself a highly professional partner in the Dutch property investment market. During its 15-year history, Van Dijk & Ten Cate has also been involved in selling more than 15,000 residential properties. These include both fully rented residential complexes and residential complexes where some of the homes are owned by the occupants, and existing properties and new construction. We see impartiality and a professional approach as essential requirements. The agency is a member of the Association of Amsterdam Estate Agents (Makelaars Vereniging van Amsterdam/MVA) and the Dutch Association of Estate Agents, commercial property section (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars/NVM, sectie BOG). We also a member of the Stichting Vastgoed Cert. Foundation, the quality register for Estate Agents and Assessors.

The firm’s successful track record in selling various investment portfolios demonstrates our long-standing experience in real estate and excellent working knowledge of the operational aspects of institutional organisations. Their ability to empathise effectively and think in terms of results and the best interests of our customers ensures that we coordinate sale transactions effectively.

By analysing the market thoroughly and publishing the results along with clear reports and summaries in the database, Jaap is are able to use our commercial skills to positively influence the level of interest.


Van Dijk & Ten Cate combines experience, property market expertise, drive, professional qualifications (registered broker/ assessor, MRE) and an extensive network to offer clients an excellent basis for a satisfactory collaboration.

– Initiating and coordinating purchase and sales transactions
– Initiating and coordinating rental and letting transactions
– Assessing property
– Providing property investment advice

Letting / Selling property

Current market conditions, in which the available office space to let far exceeds demand, requires a highly effective estate agent. An estate agent that is fully aware of current trends in the property market. Van Dijk & Ten Cate consults you to draw up a plan that contains agreements on the rental amount/sales price, the condition of the property at the time of transfer, marketing activities (To Let sign, advertisements, mailshots, brochures, etc.), target groups and estate agent fees. If you decide to offer your property via our agency, we register the property in question in Masterplan 2000 as standard. This computerised information exchange system operated by the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars/NVM) keeps all of the affiliated estate agencies informed of the property’s status in terms of its availability for rent or for sale.

Renting / Purchasing property

Perhaps you have already chosen a location for your investment or organisation. Or perhaps you do not yet have any particular preferences in terms of location and would like more information on this subject. The agency will be glad to support you in searching for an optimum location for your organisation. For example, by drawing of a set of requirements, creating a list of possible locations and jointly screening the properties on offer to narrow them down to an initial viewing list.

Jaap’s practice offers guaranteed added value, both when looking for a concrete location and when negotiating the best possible terms and conditions for the final contract. In order to help you search for a new location for your organisation, he proposes the following step-by-step plan:

  • General advice relating to the type of accommodation required by his clients
  • Creation of a description of the space requirement/analysis, i.e. a set of requirements
  • Creation of a general expenditure budget for building conversion work
  • Review of the accommodation options available for purchase or rent in the current market, including new developments
  • On behalf of our client, managing the negotiation process in relation to purchase/rental terms and conditions and the condition at the time of transfer
  • Assessing the contract on its practical and legal merits and conducting further contract negotiations
  • Coordinating transfer and verifying the transfer report

Assessment surveys

Regardless of the type of building – offices, retail premises or a residential home – all properties have a certain value. An assessment survey can provide clear and objective information in this respect.

There are different valuation methods, for example:

  • determining the market value in a private sale for the purposes of buying or selling the property
  • determining the foreclosure value in respect of arranging a real estate loan
  • determining the rental value when renegotiating the rental amount
  • determining the reconstruction value for insurance purposes
  • determining the value of a real estate investment portfolio for accounting use (balance sheet and profit and loss account

Regardless of the type of valuation required, a realistic value assessment that adequately takes relevant arguments into consideration is always in the client’s best interests.

Assessing and determining the value of the property is specialised work, which requires accuracy, intuition and market knowledge. Van Dijk & Ten Cate employs registered assessors who are also members of the NVM. This ensures that your assessment report is drawn up by an expert. Their extensive practical experience and the excellent source of information we have at disposal (the NVM information exchange system) are your guarantee of an expert and objective assessment and valuation. The NVM information exchange system is a computerised system that informs all NVM estate agents of changes in the residential, commercial and agricultural property markets on a daily basis, and analyses supply and demand within their working areas.


In 1999, after decades of working in the property brokering business, Jaap van Dijk and Reinoud ten Cate decided that it was time to set up their own independent agency. An agency that would employ real estate consultants who specialise in commercial properties. And with great success: Van Dijk & Ten Cate has been ranked among the top 10 in the list of the ‘Top 101 estate agents in the Netherlands’ for several years. Proving that a small agency can perform outstandingly!

Through a combination of experience, property market expertise, drive, professional qualifications (registered broker/ assessor, MRE) and an extensive network, Van Dijk & Ten Cate succeeds in offering clients an excellent basis for professional and trustworthy advice. The compact size of the agency ensures short lines of communication. To achieve this, each client communicates with a dedicated contact within the agency.