Edwin van Schajik


CEO Bilt Advocaten/Berkeley Corporate
Email: edwin@cibusrealestate.com

Edwin van Schajik is an attorney-at-law with strong entrepreneurial and communicative skills. His expert and creative approach of legal real estate challenges is well recognized within the business: with his specialized boutique firm, he currently works with a wide range of high net-worth clients and Private Equity investors. In addition, these clients trust him with their high value business requests, especially setting up structures to accommodate (private) real estate investments in the Netherlands.

Before founding his own firm, Edwin gained his experience and knowledge at Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen and Citco Corporate and Trust.

Edwins’practice Bilt Lawyers is a niche firm and specializes in multiple aspects of real estate. We offer assistance and give advice to housing corporations, asset and property managers, real estate funds and property developers when dealing with real estate development, realization, and real estate management.

His office contains a team of lawyers with specialized knowledge on:

  • Buying, selling, and transferring ownership of real estate
  • Development and management of real estate structures
  • Property Rental
  • Maintenance, management, and transformation
  • Evacuation, and squatting or the prevention of squatting
  • Leaseholds, building leases, and related business laws and regulations
  • Freehold arrangements and conflicts involving Associations of Homeowners
  • Neighbours’ disputes
  • Property development and urban planning
  • Due diligence

Housing, Care & Education

Also Edwin’s law firm specializes in advising housing corporations, care centres and educational institutions concerning housing, care or education, real estate issues, and related matters. He combines specialized knowledge and experience on real estate and has a profound experience of sector specific law and regulations applying to housing corporations, care centres and educational institutions. This enables him to have a ‘hands on’ and practical approach when advising on all aspects dealing with development, realization, real estate management, and collaborations.

Edwin advises, for example, housing corporations and care centers on collaborations within residential care centers and separating residential and care aspect within these collaborations. We also advise housing corporations and educational institutions on collaborations concerning multi-functional centers or community schools.