Dick Braat


CEO DB Finance
Email: dick@cibusrealestate.com

Dick Braat has 25 years of experience in the real estate business. He has a background in real estate banking, real estate investment funds and real estate asset management. Dick provides debt advise through DB Finance Consultancy and Asset Management through XLNZ. Dick Braat is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and applies the “Rules of Conduct” accordingly.

DB Finance Consultancy

DB Finance offers hands-on consultancy on all debt related issues. DB Finance raises new debt finance, refinance or amendments to existing finance arrangements. Furthermore, DB Finance offers assistance in financially stressed situations when debt restructuring is required.

DB Property Finance Consultancy assists in managing and maintain your debt portfolio.

Dick Braat’s services include:

  • Restructure your loans
  • Identifying risks and opportunities within loan portfolios
  • Optimizing interest rate risks
  • Optimization of financial reporting to principals
  • Providing interest renewals
  • Mapping your interest rate derivative positions (reassessment interest rate swaps)
  • Preparation of financial (cash flow) forecasts
  • Conducting renegotiation with your bank (s)
  • Define and implement your strategy in a “special management” situation
  • Evaluate loan and security documentation


XLNZ is a “boutique” full service asset manager. It has the advantage of a smaller service company: you will have the managing partner as your one contact person. But at the same time, XLNZ has a large network of affiliated companies with extensive experience in all types of real estate.

XLNZ is a versatile real estate specialist active throughout the Netherlands. The partners of XLNZ  have extensive experience in asset management, with assets under management of over 1 billion euro. XLNZ  is experienced in the management, maintenance and leasing of real estate, as well as purchase and sale of real estate. Additionally, XLNZ  also carries administrations of real estate investment companies and has experience with the tax issues concerning real estate as well as with financing of real estate. XLNZ has experience with all real estate types: office, retail, residential, industrial, logistic and leisure.

The objective of XLNZ is to achieve optimal returns for its clients. The main premise is to work on a professional level with all stakeholders and to create a straightforward, pleasant and successful cooperation.

Property Management

Your real estate needs daily maintenance, literally and figuratively. A satisfied tenant increases your return in the long run. We make every effort to take care of your property. XLNZ will relieve you from all work related to the management of your real estate. Your property is optimally maintained at competitive prices. We offer real time insights in all costs and we will provide you with quarterly reports. We will maintain good contact with your tenants and provide contract renewals and new rent contract if necessary. The ultimate goal is keeping the tenants happy, which guarantees a steady flow of rental income.

Investment Management

The purchasing and selling of real estate require specific knowledge. This knowledge is readily available in XLNZ. Based on extensive analyses, we collectively form a desired investment profile. Besides executing the purchase or sale, we take care of all the necessary administration. We will make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Asset Management

Maximizing value, managing costs, increasing returns is what asset management is all about. Our primary objective is relieving you from all work involved. XLNZ is the primary contact for tenants, consultants, suppliers and stakeholder such as banks and shareholders. XLNZ proactively follows trends and developments. Based on these developments, we suggest a buy-hold-sell analysis in line with your short or long term return demands. Your return is in our best interest.

The asset management services we provide are (among others):

– Commercial management (contact with tenants)
– Taxation
– Bank financing
– Financial reporting
– Administration
– Reporting to shareholders
– Reporting to financiers