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We identify and add value to real estate development opportunities in high-growth locations across the Netherlands.

Cibus Real Estate Group has been involved in over 50 projects, including rental apartments, high-rise condominiums, hotels, office space, big box retail, residential conversions, estate lot single-detached communities, infill developments, stacked townhouses, ground-floor retail and more. We have an extensive experience designing, developing, building and managing innovative projects. As a fully integrated group of companies that directly oversees every step in the development process.

As the Greater Amsterdam area’s population is expected to grow with another 1 million inhabitants over the next 8 years the demand for real estate developments is inevitable. Our diverse construction portfolio consists of master-planned and mixed-use communities, high- and low-rise condominiums and office buildings.

We internally manage construction operations for all developments and civil infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. By project managing Cibus Real Estate Group ensures that their team is involved in every facet of the process. Before breaking ground, the team extensively researches new technologies and works closely with design and a team of specialized consultants.

Our approach assures that the team is able to maintain a greater degree of quality control, achieve project timelines and ultimately deliver a superior product to the property owner. The company’s dedicated construction team brings years of experience and commitment to quality to every project they undertake.