Cibus Real Estate Group (CRE) is a multi-residential real estate developer
that develops affordable rental homes for the mid-market segment throughout the ‘Randstad’, also known as the Greater Amsterdam Area. By doing so CRE contributes to Hollands incredible growing demand for rental homes.

Rental homes for the mid-market segment: High Quality and Sustainable
CRE develops high quality and energy saving residential projects at monthly rent price-levels that vary from € 800 tot €1.400. Our target groups can be found amongst young professionals, young families and the elderly.

Low energy costs contribute to control housing costs. We contribute to energy-neutrality and self-sufficiency within the projects we develop. CRE partners bring an in-depth experience in innovative solutions such as collectively generated energy, solar panels or thermal heating.

Re Development and Newly Built
For all our projects we either need available land that has been allocated to build residential real estate or existing buildings that can be transformed or renovated. This is why we are permanently searching for new opportunities and locations. We take pride in being known for our resourcefulness during redeveloping and transformation of properties. The area’s we search for can be found in both big cities of the Randstad and smaller surrounding towns – regions that offer good infrastructure.

Regional development
Increasingly we find ourselves in areas like office or industrial real estate requiring a review of the development plans in order to realise transformation into newly built rental homes. Here CRE acts as a pro-active developer by acquiring these office- or industrial buildings. Subsequently we get the transformation going, which requires a new allocation. Together with local authorities and other possible remaining owners we target to develop new places of residences in areas near or in urban agglomerations throughout the Randstad.