Cees Jan Zegers


CEO City Development
Email: ceesjan@cibusrealestate.com


Project Developer Cees Jan Zegers, CEO founder of City Development, is known for his superb orchestration of the entire development process from start to finish.  With an outstanding ability to effectively interface with project partners, corporate executives and consultants. He controls the knowledge of nearly every process, phase and service involved. Cees Jan always applies a typical roll-your-sleeves up attitude – achievement focus to get the job completed on time and on budget. ‘In the current environment where owners are more conscious of the bottom line, it is crucial that we provide knowledge and ability to execute on nearly all of the development process’. Persistent and resilient.

Turn key

We offer a range of services that is able to meet any objective and size of project, whether your requirements are:

  • A building that meets your requirements in design, ease of use and access
  • To enhance the value of your property through re-development or refurbishment
  • To create high-quality buildings
  • To identify funding partners to finance your plans

Tailor made 

Our services cover every phase of your development project from launch through co-ordination of administrative, legal, financial, technical and commercial aspects to delivery.  Our corporate property projects start with identifying a site and continue through to delivery of a completed turnkey building. We can deliver new development projects as well as the redevelopment and refurbishment of existing properties.

Our development and project management team pride themselves as being the ‘go to, trusted adviser and manger’ and works alongside their clients to tailor approaches to delivering buildings according to an agreed development plan, budget, business drivers and objectives, and investment parameters including targeting profit and maximizing returns whilst minimizing risk. The ultimate aims of our team are to optimize the development potential value from real estate and seek to be remunerated for taking responsibility for a development both effectively and efficiently and aligning our interests with clients as compared with taking a profit based share.

Feasibility Analysis

If you are looking for an objective opinion as to the future development potential of an asset and optimum exit route, the team will undertake a ‘highest and best use’ analysis to direct you to maximize your return and minimize risk.

Design Development and Planning

If a site is to be developed the team will appoint and manage a ‘best in class’ professional team to work up the optimum design solution and secure planning consent. The team will define and manage the budget and programme. We will be responsible for all stakeholder engagement, and further review all legal documentation to ensure the scheme proposals are practically, politically and legally deliverable.


If you need to appoint a professional team to design develop a preferred solution we will tender, appoint and manage a team of specialists, work up the design development and secure detailed planning. We will value engineer and package up the tender documentation to secure a contractor to construct and deliver the preferred scheme.

Construction and Delivery

If you need a project manager to appoint and manage the main contractor and where necessary, the subcontractors throughout the build out period and ensure that the development is built in accordance with the planning consent.

Funding and Investment knowledge

If you are looking to transact in the real estate markets, our team of experts will guide you using extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with on the ground professionals who understand every aspect of development funding in their local markets.

An overview of what we provide 

Our Development and Project Management team provides an end to end development service including:

  • Portfolio review, feasibility studies
  • Site assembly/acquisition
  • Review of legal title information, and any salient surveys including structural and soil
  • Compilation and management of development constraints to mitigate third party risk to title and / or dispute: including adjoining landowners, utilities, highways, rights of way / easements, daylight & sunlight / rights of light
  • Preparation of the design brief, budget and project programme
  • Preparation of scope of services
  • Appointment of the design team
  • Co-ordination of the professional team during design development to planning submission to consent
  • Negotiate statutory settlements to deliver viable planning consents
  • Advice and management on the procurement strategy to secure an effective building contractor and / or subcontractors
  • Procurement of warranties and professional indemnity insurances, quality insurance schemes, defects insurance and product guarantees
  • Monitor fee accounts and payments, management of forecast construction costs including variations
  • Management of duties regarding CDM Regulations
  • Management of the construction and delivery phase including extensions of time
  • Coordination of marketing input during design development
  • Source and secure an appropriate funding package, if required, and/or
    co-ordinate the disposal of the completed asset at project end

Adding Value

Complete service

We offer a seamless and complete development and project management ‘value add’ service through not only our team of experts but also our ability to readily inject advice from our renowned leasing, residential & office sales, property management, valuation and investment teams.

Innovative approach

Our experienced team of real estate development specialists are motivated and keen to work with you to establish the most appropriate strategy for your individual needs. The team is unique in that individuals have long experience not only working on behalf of landowners but importantly actually building buildings many of the project managers have worked for contractors for over 15 years, and understand the technical as well as financial and practical demands of development.

Experience and Resources 

The Development and Project Management Team comprises of 15 individuals specializing in Greater Amsterdam Area and the Randstad, in targeting sectors like offices, retail, hospitality and residential.