Alexander Bicker


CEO Bicker Vastgoed

Alexander Bicker is an expert in industrial, inter-modal, and logistic property. His consultancy firm provides objective advice with the backing of in-depth knowledge and decades of experience. His approach for property investors and owners seeks a deeper understanding of the business drivers and market dynamics that can influence your decisions. Alexander delivers tailored solutions and advisory insights for property investment and development across the industrial & logistic real estate value chain.

In constantly changing environments and challenging markets it is critical property decisions are based on sound and accurate knowledge. Whether you are an investor, financier, occupier, or developer, Alexander and his team leverages their skills and knowledge in every project for every client to add value, minimize risk and provide the optimum result that achieves your goals and accelerates your success.

His expertise meets the needs of our clients, undertaking strategic transaction management, development planning, asset optimization, market studies and portfolio audits.

At Bicker Vastgoed the competitive advantage is the ability to base market and economic analysis and assessment of project feasibility on the intimate commercial insights gained from a national network of specialist agents, valuers and local market researchers.

The ability to combine this knowledge of economic drivers and market fundamentals with a detailed understanding of industrial property finance and project feasibility is the hallmark of Alexanders’ advice and key differentiating factor from traditional real estate advisers. He also focuses on providing leading insight into future trends and market needs which are critical for project success. Alexander has a detailed understanding of key industrial real estate market risks and challenges. The right information and advice from his side can augment and accelerate your success ensuring smart but equally prudent outcomes along your industrial property journey.

These services include:

Strategic Transaction Management

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Transaction strategy and management
  • Risk management
  • Project positioning
  • Distressed asset re-positioning
  • Pre-sale/pre-purchase due diligence
  • Deal structuring
  • Exit strategies

Development Planning

  • Development management
  • Project implementation
  • Strategic planning

Asset Optimization

  • Feasibility studies
  • Highest and best use
  • Design input and advice
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Market Studies

  • Market evidence
  • Market sounding
  • Competitor analysis
  • Supply pipeline
  • Historic sales review
  • Product mix/design
  • Infrastructure impact
  • Business case support

Portfolio Audits

  • Benchmarking/auditing
  • Peer review
  • Portfolio optimization/rationalization